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Types of Dog Toys

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You’ve just gotten a new pooch and you want to make them happy, keep them occupied, and let it have some fun too. Of course, there is no better thing for this than a dog toy. Now you might think that dog toys are dog toys and that’s it, but that’s not really true at all.

In fact, there are many types of dog toys, each a little different from the other. There are balls, ropes, chew toys, throwing toys, puzzle toys, and more. Depending on the age, type, and level of destruction which Fido features, you will want to get the right toy.

For instance, soft toys may not be best for big destructive dogs, where big and hard toys probably aren’t best for mini dogs. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of dogs toys out there, what kinds of dogs they are ideal for, their benefits, and more.


Let’s start with a time-tested favorite, the ball. Yes, all dogs seem to love balls, especially chasing them. If you have a dog that likes playing fetch, or you have a dog that you think can be trained to play fetch, then a ball is definitely a good option to keep in mind.

Balls also make for ideal dog toys because dogs can often occupy themselves with them. Dogs can kick the ball around on their own, thus occupying themselves. Moreover, dog balls come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and types – ideal for all kinds and sizes of dogs. There are hard rubber balls designed for destructive dogs, balls that are not so easily chewed apart.

For adult dogs, if you have a pooch that is not overly destructive, a good old tennis ball will do fine. For younger dogs, especially puppies that are still teething, you’ll want to look for a softer ball that they can really sink their teeth into.

Stuffed Toys

Another good type of dog toy you might want to invest in is a stuffed toy, kind of like a stuffed animal. Stuffed toys can come in all shapes and sizes, whether small or large, and they can come in the form of a chicken, a pig, a ball, a dinosaur, a food item, or anything in between.

Simply put, stuffed toys are soft toys, kind of like a doll for dogs, one that can be chewed on. Often, these stuffed toys will come with some sort of noise maker, usually a squeaker, just to keep things entertaining. Most dogs love stuffed toys, especially when they make noise. Stuff toys tend to be ideal for younger dogs who are teething and need something soft to sink their teeth into.

They are also ideal for older dogs who just want to have a bit of fun. That said, soft stuffed toys are not ideal for active dogs that love to really chew stuff apart. Soft toys won’t last very long at all if you have a dog that is bent on destruction.

Rope Toys

The next type of dog toy you can consider getting is the rope toy. Rope toys are great because for one, they usually don’t cost very much. Next, rope toys are nice and soft, making them ideal for young dogs who are teething and need something to chew on, as well as for older dogs whose teeth are not fit for chewing on harder toys.

Another big advantage of rope toys is the fact that they can be quite long, thus allowing more than one dog to take hold. Rope toys are good options if you have more than one dog, for dogs that like playing tug of war with each other. Keep in mind that while rope toys are great at withstanding pressure from being tugged on, they won’t hold up well to dogs that love to chew and destroy their toys.

Squeaky Chew Toys

Yet another choice you can consider is the basic plastic or rubber chew toy, usually with some kind of noise maker on the inside. Of course, these are great for dogs that love chewing on something soft, especially for dogs that get a kick out of the noise.

Hunting dogs really love squeaky chew toys because the squeaking sound represents a dying animal. Now, chew toys are great for dogs that like chewing, but not overly so for destructive dogs; there are harder and more durable chew toys out there, but the best and most durable ones are not going to be cheap.

Food-Dispensing Toys and Puzzle Toys

If you have a so-called kitchen dog that comes running whenever the fridge door opens up, you may want to consider some sort of food-dispensing toy. These can come in various types, usually some sort of rubber ball or rubber shape with an opening where you can insert treats or smear some peanut butter into.

Besides providing your dog with a tasty treat, the other big advantage is that it keeps them busy. If you have a dog that loves to eat, loves to destroy things, and requires constant attention, a food-dispensing toy is something that can keep them busy for hours on end.

There are also food-dispensing toys which double as puzzle toys, mainly because the dog has to maneuver the item in such a way to dispense treats. There are also other physically and mentally stimulating toys for dogs which can help keep their minds sharp and keep them busy all day long.


When all has been said and done, there are plenty of great dog toys out there. You have to get the right kind of toy or toys for your specific dog, but other than that, there isn’t too much to consider here. A good idea is to get a variety of toys, as even dogs get bored, and yes, they have favorites too.

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